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Campbell's textbook of operative orthopedics - MATRICZ single link

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Campbell's textbook of operative orthopedics - MATRICZ single link

Post  matricz on Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:43 pm

ISBN 0323012477 • CD-ROM (ISO)
Mosby • Published January 2003

Campbell's Operative Orthopedics, 10th editionCD-ROM (ISO), 4-Volume Set

The definitive reference in orthopedic surgery is back...totally
revised and updated to encompass all of the very latest procedures,
techniques, and instruments! Dr. S. Terry Canale and 34 other
authorities from the Campbell Clinic present encyclopedic, in-depth
coverage of the field, superbly organized for efficient access. And
now, this landmark 4-volume set includes a CD-ROM containing video
clips that demonstrate 10 key surgical procedures.

"Even though the contributors address virtually every major procedure
for orthopedic disorders, the user-friendly layout makes this a
manageable resource...Dr. Canale should be commended for continuing the
strong tradition of excellence found in previous editions...Campbell's
Operative Orthopaedics remains an important resource for those caring
for musculoskeletal illness and injury."JAMA
• Over 1800 operative techniques many of them new to this edition.
• Presents several different approaches for the treatment of each
clinical problem—so readers can select the most appropriate procedure
for a given patient.
• Demonstrates important concepts and nuances of technique with over 9000 exquisite illustrations.
What's New
• 90 new operative techniques
• CD-ROM with video clips demonstrating 10 surgical procedures.
• Offers a brand-new chapter on hip fractures
• Provides increased coverage of diagnostic imaging
• Discusses the newest shoulder arthroscopy procedures-including
electrothermal capsulorrhaphy, SLAP lesions, repair of peel-back
lesions, and adhesive capsulitis release
• Explores the latest techniques in elbow arthroscopy, including the repair of tennis elbow
• Delivers all-new information on arthroscopy for wrist dislocations and wrist instability
• Features expanded discussions of diagnosis, management of complications, and surgical indications/contraindications


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