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List of Books with dead link

Post  ricardouribe on Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:48 pm

Title: Pocket Atlas Of Radiographic Anatomy, 2nd Edition
Link: ThiemeFlexibook_PocketAtlasOfRadiographicAnatomy_2ndEdition.rar

Title: Essential Radiology, 2nd Edition
Link: EssentialRadiology_2ndEdition.rar

Title: Essential Radiology: Clinical Presentation, Pathophysiology, Imaging
Links: G4FUMR2O Thie_Ess_Radiology.part1.rar Thie_Ess_Radiology.part2.rar Thie_Ess_Radiology.part3.rar.

Title: Applied Radiological Anatomy for Medical Students, 1st Edition
Links: AppliedRadiologicalAnatomyForMedicalStudents_1stEdition.rar

Title: Basic Radiology, 1st Edition
Links: BasicRadiology_1stEdition.rar

Title: Vascular and Interventional Radiology, 2nd Edition

Title: Textbook of Radiology and Imaging, 7th Edition
Link: VOLUME TextbookOfRadiologyAndImaging_V1.rar
VOLUME TextbookOfRadiologyAndImaging_V2.rar

Title: Pediatric Radiology Review, 1st Edition
Link: PediatricRadiologyReview_1stEdition.rar

Title: Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice: 3-Volume Set, 6th Edition
Link: RosensEmergencyMedicine_ConceptsAndClinicalPractice_6thEdition.part1.rar RosensEmergencyMedicine_ConceptsAndClinicalPractice_6thEdition.part2.rar

Title: Evidence-Based Emergency Care: Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules, 1st Edition
Link: EvidenceBased_EmergencyCare_1stEdition.rar

Title:CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Emergency Medicine, 6th Edition
Link: CurrentDiagnosisAndTreatment_EmergencyMedicine_6thEdition.rar

Title: CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Critical Care, 3rd Edition
Link: CurrentDiagnosisAndTreatment_CriticalCare_3rdEdition.rar

Title: Rosen and Barkin's 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult, 3rd Edition
Link: RosenAndBarkins_5MinuteEmergencyMedicineConsult_3rdEdition.rar

Title: CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Pain, 1st Edition CurrentDiagnosisAndTreatment_Pain_1stEdition.rar

Thanks alot

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